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 Elong Moosk has promised that we'll be on Mars
in the years 2040. This means that we've got 'till
2041 before humankind is plauged by Space Herpes.
This is the soundtrack for Space Herepes.
Space Herpes will kill you. There is no cure.
Erong Musk is not prepaired. 

Help us Jeezus.


 All Instruments composed by Adam Plant 

Unprotected Trumpets by Max Fink

Drug-Resistant Double Bass by Apolinary Szeluto

Fallopian Flutes by Miguel Vargas

Venereal Violin by Thisara Bandara

Hormonal Harp by Obadias Guerra

Pubic Piano, Percussion & Mallets by Adam Plant

Morning After Mixing and Mastering by Katie Verse

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