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Bugs and Insects

Q: How do you crush a beetle?

A: Introduce it to Yoko


Q: Why did John Lennon hit Ringo Starr in the head with a belt?

A: Because he thought it was Julian


Q: What’s worse than getting your penis hacked off with a blunt razor blade?
A: Getting your penis hacked off with a blunt razor blade while listening to the Beatles


Q: What did John Lennon say after he was shot?

A: Help!


Q: What’s brown and sticky?

A: The Beatles discography because it’s shit


Q: Why did Dave Grohl think Kurt Cobain was two-faced?

A: Because half was on the wall and half was on the floor


Q: Why didn't Chris Novak trust Kurt Cobain

A: Because he couldn't take him at face value


Q: Why was Kurt Cobain so great at listening?
A: Because he's all ears


Q: What did Kurt Cobain do when he caught a cold?

A: Blew his nose


Q: Why couldn't Kurt Cobain go to the casino?

A: Because he has no poker face

Q: Why did Kurt Cobain kill himself?
A: Because he couldn't face the music

Q: What does Courtney love?
A: To cause he husbands suicide

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