what's that uncomfortable smell?


3rd Person Introduction:
Adam Plant is an Australian multimedia artist, filmmaker, music composer, author, wannabe-vegan, and founder of the entertainment label EEZY SLEEZ. Within his career, Adam has published multiple books, music albums, and films which have been republished around the globe. His work is heavily inspired by a nostalgic appreciation of "yesterday" and has been previously described as a "visual feast" followed by "conceptual food poisoning".

Pretentious Artist Statement:
In a setting dictated by prestigious diplomas and upper-class nose turns, I question whether the prospects of humour and sleez belong in the world of art. Of course, I’m not talking about highbrow snickering dressed in a rented tuxedo; I’m pointing towards the off-centred satire which clogs the gutters and floods the streets of everyday existence. In my eyes, creativity and depravity are closely related, if not conceptual siblings. I mean, does art imitate life or does life imitate art? Either way, the final result should logically represent an abstract joke or a simple smutty remark. My work has been previously described as “a feast for the senses” followed by “conceptual food poisoning”. Many of my works centre on themes of depravity in contemporary fashion, unnecessary professionalism, as well as my own doubt surrounding current popular trends. When formulating a set of artworks, I find it challenging not to integrate my own personal experiences within the subject matter and subsequently, much of the imagery explored within these pieces relate directly to my uncomfortable everyday existence mixed with my vitriolic attitudes.


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Things I Liked When I Was Alive (Music Album)

Composer/ Producer/ Lyric Writer/ Album Cover Designer/ Mixing and Mastering / Sleez


Sounds From The Skinny Girls Next Door (Music Album)

Composer/ Producer/ Lyric Writer/ Album Cover Designer/ Sleez


Just Another Generic Album Title (Music Album)

Composer/ Producer/ Lyric Writer/ Mixing&Mastering/ Album Cover Designer/ Attitude

Informative Milk (Web Series)

Director / Writer / Soundtrack Musician / Video Editor / Stop-motion animator

How To Make Friends Without Nicotine (Cheesy Anti-Self-Help Book)

Author/ Publisher / Editor / Layout Design / Cover Artwork / Artistic Director
Product Page



This Is Life Now!! (Eezy Sleez Community Magazine)
Publisher / Editor / Layout Design / Cover Artwork / Artistic Director
Official Website

An Evening With Hardy Slerg Wamon (Vinyl Record, Compact Disc and Video)
Publisher / Producer / Composer / Cover Artwork & Layout / Video Director & Editor / Artistic Director

Conversations Avec Du Fromage (Album, Vinyl Record and Video)
Publisher / Producer / Composer / Cover Artwork & Layout / Video Director & Editor / Artistic Director

Sexualized Violence - Music So Good Your Mom Will Kill Herself (Album)
Publisher / Producer / Composer / Cover Artwork & Layout


EEZY SLEEZ Community Color-in Book Vol.1
Publisher / Editor / Layout Design / Cover Artwork / Artistic Director



  • Jeani Rector's Horror Zine - December's Featured Artist

  • Moscow Bad Video Art - Featured Filmmaker

  • Sick & Wrong Film Festival - Featured Filmmaker

  • KBS Magazine - Article Writer

  • Cut Frame Magazine- Featured Article Writer

  • Lacuna Lost Festival - Featured artist / Video seminar presentation


  • Strange Media Productions - Featured Music Album Reviewer

  • Lens Magazine - Featured Photographer

  • Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal - Featured Writer

  • Outsider Art Magazine - Featured Artist

  • FAKFULNESS Magazine - Featured Artist


  • Puppet Master Magazine - Featured Artist