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Any fans of the American Avant-Garde collective The Residents will undoubtedly appreciate Australian multimedia artist Adam Plant"

-Amelia Vandergast,


His unconventional appearance was quickly overshadowed by his artistic creations (and maybe his smell too). With an abundance of hair and a rough exterior, there was an undeniable allure, reminiscent of a character from a Cronenberg film brought to life. In the heart of counterculture, Adam Plant's work functions as a powerful amplifier, projecting artistic obscurity with a captivating force. Described as a modern Mephistopheles, Adam's creations are a solitary and bold reminder of art's ability to embrace chaos and provoke emotion. Musically, his work transcended genres, seamlessly blending satire and complexity. Through his creations, Adam holds a distorted mirror to our identities and the twisted society we've built.


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Adam is a dedicated advocate of the DIY ethos, meticulously overseeing every facet of his projects. This unwavering commitment to detail has propelled his artistic journey into the realm of international collaborations, encompassing both visual art and music. In 2017, he initiated the online arts community known as EEZY SLEEZ, which serves as a platform for showcasing not only Adam's creations but also those of numerous other talented artists.

In 2019, in collaboration with EEZY SLEEZ, Adam launched the community culture magazine titled "THIS IS LIFE NOW," featuring the work of more than 30 artists from across the globe. During this period, Adam also delved deeper into the realm of musical composition, and by 2021, he had begun releasing albums in both digital and physical formats.

In that same year, Adam ventured into composing chamber music, only to discover no one listens to chamber music. Nonetheless, undeterred, he embarked on exciting collaborations with musicians from various corners of the world to perform original, audacious compositions such as "Chamel Harbor" and "Herpes En Marte."

In 2021, Adam embarked on a creative journey, exploring the realms of comedy and stage performance as a unique outlet for his artistic expression
(and the standard controlled chaos).


Described as the love-child between Andy Kaufman and Marilyn Manson, Adam's comedic style boldly ventures into the shadowy domains of anti-humor, all while incorporating avant-garde stage theatrics.

In the company of his trusty puppet companion, HARDY SLERG WAMON, Adam has showcased his distinctive drag-infused comedy act throughout Australia. His unconventional approach to "intentionally subpar art" has also garnered attention from international publications, sparking insightful discussions about its significance.

Pretentious Angsty Artist Statement About Potentially Relevant Stuff. It's So Angsty:

While scheming away in my teenage bedroom, I often saw creativity and depravity being closely related, if not conceptual siblings. With this in mind, my work was heavily influenced by savagery and satire; being described as 'a feast for the senses,' followed by 'conceptual food poisoning.' Although I used to believe ALL artistic works were strictly smut in fancy shoes or just another cheap attempt to capture a moment or hollowed-out fantasy, I view SOME aspects more emotionally these days.

Perhaps I'm jaded or burnt out from all the scathing resentment, but I can't help but treat creativity with a better-found sentiment and respect. Then again, give me another 5 years and see how I'm feeling... Could be just smut along, and I'm blinded by some kind of deep terminal optimism. 

I'd also like to thank my web manager Dick Chebis for his help (and personal demise) regarding this website and catalog. Bless you, Richard. I owe you something sometime huh.



Things I Liked When I Was Alive (Music Album)

Composer/ Producer/ Lyric Writer/ Album Cover Designer/ Mixing and Mastering / Sleez


Sounds From The Skinny Girls Next Door (Music Album)

Composer/ Producer/ Lyric Writer/ Album Cover Designer/ Sleez


Just Another Generic Album Title (Music Album)

Composer/ Producer/ Lyric Writer/ Mixing&Mastering/ Album Cover Designer/ Attitude

Informative Milk (Web Series)

Director / Writer / Soundtrack Musician / Video Editor / Stop-motion animator

How To Make Friends Without Nicotine (Cheesy Anti-Self-Help Book)

Author/ Publisher / Editor / Layout Design / Cover Artwork / Artistic Director



This Is Life Now!! (Eezy Sleez Community Magazine)
Publisher / Editor / Layout Design / Cover Artwork / Artistic Director

An Evening With Hardy Slerg Wamon (Vinyl Record, Compact Disc and Video)
Publisher / Producer / Composer / Cover Artwork & Layout / Video Director & Editor / Artistic Director

Conversations Avec Du Fromage (Album, Vinyl Record and Video)
Publisher / Producer / Composer / Cover Artwork & Layout / Video Director & Editor / Artistic Director

Sexualized Violence - Music So Good Your Mom Will Kill Herself (Album)
Publisher / Producer / Composer / Cover Artwork & Layout


EEZY SLEEZ Community Color-in Book Vol.1
Publisher / Editor / Layout Design / Cover Artwork / Artistic Director




  • Flow Of Love (Book by Dr.Patva) - Featured Poet and Writer

  • Voiiid Collective - Featured Performer and Visual Artist

  • Voiiid Collective - Filmmaker and Photographer

  • Hey Hair! - Filmmaker and Photographer

  • CFAC Cairns Festival - Featured Performer

  • StarShip Genesis (Film and Play) - Writer, Composer, Set Design, Propmaker, Director

  • RAW COMEDY BRISBANE - Featured Performer

  • Monster Truck Mayhem - Filmmaker and Photographer


  • Voiiid Collective - Featured Performer

  • Virus (Short Film) - Artistic Director and Set Design
  • Sooper Rooster (Theatre Play) - Writer, Composer, Set Design, Artistic Director, Stage Manager
  • HIM (Short Film) - Creative Writer and Prop Design
  • Tumblin' Back (Music Video by Lisa De Angelis) - Creative Consultant and Actor
  • It's You (Music Video by K Mak) - Creative Consultant and Actor


  • Jeani Rector's Horror Zine - December's Featured Artist

  • Moscow Bad Video Art - Featured Filmmaker

  • Sick & Wrong Film Festival - Featured Filmmaker

  • KBS Magazine - Article Writer

  • Cut Frame Magazine- Featured Article Writer

  • Lacuna Lost Festival - Featured artist / Video seminar presentation


  • Strange Media Productions - Featured Music Album Reviewer

  • Lens Magazine - Featured Photographer

  • Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal - Featured Writer

  • Outsider Art Magazine - Featured Artist

  • FAKFULNESS Magazine - Featured Artist


  • Puppet Master Magazine - Featured Artist

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