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Ego WaxxxAdam Plant
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 Sing-along lyrics For Kids  

We’re watching the world from afar 

Somewhere out where no one can tell who we are

I don’t need to move from my throne

I’ll just sit waxing my ego at home


I don’t need your negativity

I think your attitude sucks

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?


I will be damned if I just stand

And watch while this world is Rick-rolled


But everything I spun

Is left undone

By clickbait sheep and trolls


My life is so drained and mundane

I guess I’ll just sit by myself and complain 


I don’t want to move from my cornerstone 

I'll just sit waxing my ego at home is where the heart is

I know I won't change the world
I know I can't change the world

Complain every day
I got something to say
Why don't ya get it right
I got nowhere to go so I come here every night

I'm so lonely...

It's yer civil duty as a modern individual to blame, complain, and campaign against the inhumane, indecent and impudent injustices of our culpable culture. There are people dying, children crying, politicians lying, planets frying, poets rhyming, inciters inciting, and morals declining.  It's up to you to save the world... Obviously, you should do so from the comfort of your stately home.

Lead and Backing Vocals: Bambam, Zmeul, Gretusic, Chloe Heather, Anon Crooner, Jake Skukan, Adam Plant
Piano: Kenny Leonore
Violin: Thisara Bandara
Trumpet: Max Fink
S'more Trumpet: Josué García García
Clarinet: Jaroslav Skuta
Flute: Mysterious Flute Girl
Saxophone: Jaroslav Skuta
Bass: Sean McNally
Cheap Guitar Bends: Adam Plant
Mixed and Mastered by Izzy

All Instruments Written & Composed by Adam Plant

ADAM PLANT_Ego Waxxx Cover Single.jpg


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