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CHAMEL HARBOR is a musical narrative about a sick'n'sad girl who visits the mysterious chamel harbor in search of chamels. The sick'n'sad girl has a simple dream to hunt these chamels and harvest their bones so that she may brew homemade bone broth. Unfortunately, the chamels are all gone... Maybe these chamels are already dead. Maybe somebody beat her to the chamel bones. Maybe there weren't any chamels in the first place. I don't know and I don't care, I just write the music.

 All Instruments composed by Adam Plant
Trumpets: Max Fink
Flute: Miguel Vargas
Violin: Thisara Bandara|
Cello: Sara Sina
Clarinet: Jaroslav Skuta|
Saxophone: Sergey Shilenkov
Double Bass: Apolinary Szeluto
Phony Piano & Percussion: Adam Plant
Mixed and Mastered by: Katie Verse
Dedicated to Paloma for being sick'n'sad