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Sounds From The Skinny Girls Next Door marks itself as Adam’s second studio release and captures a different style that is previously unexplored in his work. Recorded in Brisbane Australia alongside producer Dexter Black, Sounds From The Skinny Girls focuses on lyrical themes of mental illness, personal control, abusive relationships, and the progression of personality through age. Musically, the album offers a wide diversity of genres including heavy metal, electronic, jazz, doo-wop, avant-garde noise, and 80s New Wave. Moreover, the album features five original compositions alongside zany cover renditions of Justin Beiber’s ‘Baby’ and Charles Manson’s ‘People Say I’m No Good’.

STARRING: Adam Plant on Lead Vocals, Jerky Synth & Madness Hoodoo Blonde on Lead Guitar Megan O’Brien on Backing Vocals & Noise Pollution Nik Sweetman on Drums Dexter Black on Bass Lyrics, Music & Arrangement by Adam Plant Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Dexter Black

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