THE LONESOME LEGEND OF WINDOW PEEP is an upcoming orchestral album by ADAM PLANT featuring the talents of musicians from around the globe... Please do not blame these musicians for their contribution, Adam made them do it.


The legend of WINDOW PEEP is a tale as old as time. You know the one, right? Guy gets out of bed. Guy puts on his tight purple turtle neck. Guy creeps around his neighbourhood and peeps in windows. I mean, it's a classic bedtime fairytale really. I think it's probably healthy to pretend this fantastic album is actually a ballet performance (albeit an imaginary one).

Each movement of this lovingly constructed orchestral album is committed to outlining the depravity and chaos that WINDOW PEEP witnesses as he fulfils his vouyer cruise. Each track captures a moment, feeling and/or conversation from his perverse journey. Quick side note: Adam recently asked that the federal government to pay for the production of this triumphant album. Unfortunately for us,  the government quickly rejected the proposition and deemed it unworthy of taxpayer funding. In fact, if you need to blame somebody for the crude production values, I suggest you visit their website HERE and lay a complaint.


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