It's time to laugh again

Somewhere in the wasteland between standup comedy & performance art, between beauty & beast, and between jobs... Certified non-achiever ADAM PLANT and his puppet pal HARDY SLERG make noise which some people laugh at. Dressed in drag, dirty hair, and an attitude to match; Adam & Hardy have been described as the love-child of Andy Kaufman and Marilyn Manson....

Featuring Great Jokes Like: 
Q: How do you crush a beetle?
A: Introduce it to Yoko

Q: What does Courtney love?

A: To cause her husbands suicide

And many more fine jokes...

Adam Plant &Hardy Slerg


Catch some great singing, fine dancing, and okay comedy

Got a gig?
Adam and Hardy are available for birthday parties, stag night... or whatever,
-Random woman in crowd after the show
"This gave me a lot of joy"
"I get it"
-Random guy in crowd after the show


Live at First Coat Toowoomba / Photo by Theresa Hall